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Solutions for MIHP Programs!

Are you a provider for one of the ALL important state of federal  Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) programs?  MedUSA  understands your need for a comprehensive scheduling,  documentation and billing solution.  We’ve got you covered.

Our solution gives you all the tools you need to manage your  practice, ensure that all the authorized visits are fulfilled, the  documentation is completed, and you are PAID.

The MIHP Software Platform

The MIHP module of MedOFFICE is a web based solution that  allows the Administrator, Practice Manager / Owner, and the  Remote Providers to work off a unified platform with real time  information.  Be it updates to the schedule, location changes, change  in coverage information, updating / reviewing encounter notes and  documentation in real-time, or providing missing coverage, our  HIPAA compliant state of the art technology has you covered!   More importantly, our roles based security ensures that employees  see everything they have to see, but ONLY what they need to see.

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The MIHP Billing Solution

Whether your state Medicaid administer the program, or uses  commercial Payer(s) to administer the MIHP program, we will  collect your money!  We provide an integrated billing solution, which  incorporates real-time eligibility verification, electronic claims  submission, payments processing, denial / no-response management  and follow-up.  This allows you to focus on delivering quality service  to your customers and on growing your business without worrying  about your Cashflow.  We have your Revenue Cycle covered.

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