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 Real-time access to your practice′s financial information from our Portal and Proprietary technology.

Real-time access to your practice′s financial information from our Portal and Proprietary technology.

A few comments about the software that we will provide for your use, free of charge… It takes years of experience to understand and master the nuances of coaxing money from insurance carriers.Consequently, most billing software programs are written by engineering programmers who have very little actual experience in collecting claims, or designing features that help to identify and eliminate “denial strings” which third party payors use to deny payment. Understandably, the limitations of design and efficiency of commercially available billing software become readily apparent when claims are denied, the service level is down-coded, or an appeal is required – to name only a few of the potential problem issues.Suddenly, the claims collection process in the doctor’s office becomes labor intensive, and now requires a time consuming strategy to successfully obtain the payment. What began as an automated process quickly becomes an additional burden on an otherwise overworked staff. And, at this point, stacks of denied claims can find their way into a little used drawer, where they remain undisturbed until long after the time for filing has expired.

…Sounds familiar?

Over the last fifteen years, American Billing Service® has developed its own proprietary software program, known as ABSnet™. The programming code has been written, tested, and revised by our own ABS in-house programmers on a continual basis. As you might expect, many of the unique features of ABSnet™ are designed to enable our staff to do a superior job of preparing claims for submission, and then tracking claims and receivables, and focusing on specific money that is due our client. And while it serves as a superior tool that we value highly, it reaffirms the truth of the biller’s adage: “Computers alone will not collect sufficient money to sustain a viable medical practice, only people can.” In the final analysis, the collection of medical dollars in our day and age will always require people who are well trained and motivated to do a job well. We provide ABSnet™ software free of charge to all of our clients. We recently asked one of our in-house programmers, who has had major responsibility for the design and development of ABSnet™, to write a summary of the program features from the viewpoint of a client user.