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I visit multiple facilities and coordinating the billing across them can be a challenge. It has also been difficult keeping up with regulatory changes that affect the practice of medicine. MedUSA has done an excellent job in pulling all of this together. That combined with their accessibility and state-of-art platform and technology which gives me 24×7 access, allows me to focus on caring for my patients. Over the years, I have been impressed with the  consistency of service delivery as well as personal touch provided by MedUSA.

I have been a satisfied client of MedUSA’s since 1989, and would recommend them without reservations!

Eugenio Alcazaren

M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Florida)

Our practice went from an in-house billing department to using MedUSA 5 years ago. From an operations perspective, it has been one of the best decisions we made. Our clearance rate has gone up 8%, and our costs have gone down, while also making it a true variable cost.

Above all, the quality of service we get from MedUSA has been great. Responsiveness, flexible reporting, information upon request, the collective knowledge and experience, have all added to the positive relationship. Truly the white glove service we were told to expect!

Sanjeev Bhatia

M.D., Crossroads Health Center (Texas)

MedUSA has been my billing partner since 2012, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I have recommended them to my colleagues and associates who are also thrilled with the ease of communication and ability to see their financial statements and other billing information in real time. They do a tremendous job handling my back-office operations and allow me to focus on my patients. MedUSA is completely transparent.  With MedUSA handling my billing, I am able to be a physician and not a book-keeper. 

Kenneth Mook

M.D., Rehab on the Road (Kentucky)

I am an Internist/Geriatrician in upstate New York. I have been using MedUSA billing service for a few years now and honestly that was one of the best business decisions I made.

Not only did this significantly improved my revenues but what really impresses me is that they are always looking out for my best interests without cutting corners. If you think your billing process can be improved and want to just concentrate on your clinical practice knowing you are in good hands ,  I would highly recommend you talk to MedUSA.

Jaikumar Menon

M.D., C.M.D. (New York)

I am always able to talk with someone even about small problems. They call me about problems in a timely manner and are always polite. They are genuinely concerned about my happiness with their service.

Robert Cambridge

MD (Florida)

Over the last ten years, I’ve recommended ABS to several of my colleagues and they have called to thank me.


MD (Florida)

I have used American Billing Service as my biller since 2005. They are an extremely reputable firm that has given me excellent service. They accurately bill with a first class computer system that minimizes errors… They have minimized the number of my patients going to collections by working with patients on an individual basis, and therefore maximizing my profits.”

“American Billing Service® has been an integral part of the success in our physician billing and collection area, and their work has been exemplary.”

Greg Ward

former VP & CFO of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

I must tell you that I have been very pleased with the service ABS has been providing. It is nice to have a competent group working for me and not against me. We have been impressed with the rapid resolution your group gives to our accounts and more importantly to any problem EOBs. Your work is greatly appreciated and is helping with my revenue bottom line.”

John A. Ditri

MD (New Hampshire)

My Partner has tried to use billing services with the cheapest rates, and it always proved to be a disaster. You get what you pay for. I’ve used ABS now for many years. The superior results and quality service have proven to be well worth the money. These people are head and shoulders above other billing services. We don’t have cash flow and collections problems any more.”


MD (Georgia)

I picked my previous biller based on size, assuming that a national name would translate to better service. I was wrong. MedUSA’s high touch customer service, 28-year track record, highly experienced staff and extensive use of technology in their process allows them to deliver superior service. I am delighted with my choice.”

Dr. Carl Shelton

Medical Rehabilitation Associates