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Modernize your practice with American Billing Service®!

ABSnet™ is an optional product that is designed to fill in certain gaps in a typical practice. Many medical practices already have established systems and ways of doing things, and we do not intend to interfere with those. However, our software can fulfill many potential needs at a much lower price than normal (i.e. free).

ABSnet™ is a Windows program that you install on one or more of your computers at your practice(s). It is very easy to set up, and only requires that you click on an Internet link and answer a few simple questions. ABSnet™ currently provides you with these basic features:

Real Time Access

From any internet connected PC, you can securely view your patients and their illnesses, charges, insurance coverage, payments, plus any notes you may wish to store with their information. If you need detailed report on a patient’s billing status, you can get one in seconds.
If you so desire, you can enter this information yourself so it will immediately be available for processing. Or you can choose to send the paperwork to us and let our staff so all the data entry.


We believe you should know what is going on with your practice, we believe you should know the status of your claims, and we live our convictions out every day. ABSnet™ provides you with the ability to run the reports that you need to stay on top of things at any time. They will provide you with statistical analysis of everything from your accounts receivable to your providers and procedures. Quickly and easily have a look at your cash flow. Find what procedures are difficult to collect on. Find out how many days in AR your claims are averaging. These reports also function as a report card that tells you how well we are doing our job. We don’t mind a bit.


The Scheduling software is designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate a variety of practices, from the solo practitioner to a multi-provider, multi-location physician group. Simple to use, our scheduler can remind you of appointments shortly before the patient arrives. It can print out your patient documents such as your privacy policy and your new patient demographic questionnaire. It can generate your reminder cards to mail out before a patient’s next visit (or simply remind your staff so they can call the patient). It can allow you to capture demographic data at the time the appointment is made. It can instantaneously find that perfect spot in your schedule that meets the needs of your patient.

Data Security

All data exchange is completely secure, using the same SSL 128-bit encryption used by banks, credit card companies, and many online merchants. This statement applies to ALL online data exchanges – whether or not they use ABSnet™ directly. This helps satisfy HIPAA regulations as well as most other security concerns.


There are many ways to get the documents we need to do your billing from your office to ours. We have clients who prefer to fax or even mail them to us – one of our clients even comes by personally to drop them off. However, the quickest such option is to scan the documents from your computer directly to our servers with ABSnet™. There’s nothing complicated about it – just open the scan tool, load the paper in the scanner, click Scan, and click Save when the scanning is finished.

It can also just be a set of patient names arranged as a block schedule. In short, it does what you want it to do!

ABSnet™ is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go paperless…go ABSnet™!


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