How to Get Paid While Maintaining Patient Privacy When Ordering Generic Medicines

Erectile dysfunction is the real scourge of modern society. Despite the fact that since the 20th century much more attention has been paid to safe working conditions than before, and closer to the 21st century a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and good physical shape have become fashionable, for more than two decades, the World Health Organization has noted a steady decline in the level of potency in men, as well as their fertility. In terms of sexual health, modern representatives of the strong half of the human race are significantly inferior to their grandfathers.

Nevertheless, despite this sad trend, it was from the end of the 20th century, or rather, from 1998, that an effective and at the same time non-threatening health drug against erectile dysfunction became available to men for the first time. This drug turned out to be Viagra, which became famous immediately after it appeared on world pharmaceutical market. The active ingredient of this medicine, produced by the American company Pfizer in the form of blue tablets for oral administration, is Sildenafil citrate with a dosage of 25, 50 and 100 mg.

Viagra to this day remains the best-selling drug for improving potency. However, for all their positive aspects, these pills are quite expensive even for the average American, not to mention those living in countries with a lower standard of living. In this regard, there is a large number of consumers who want to purchase Viagra at a lower price. Fortunately, it is possible to buy cheap generic Viagra, since recently patent protection of the branded medicine expired, and generic versions of Viagra have become available. Generics don’t differ from their prototype in terms of action, active ingredient and instructions, in fact they are analogues of Pfizer’s drug. However, they are sold under other names (like Kamagra or Silagra) and are produced by different manufacturers. The customer is free to choose from generics of Viagra produced in different countries, from India to Great Britain, and at different price – but any generic is cheaper than branded Viagra. Unlike the original drug, generics are often sold in online pharmacies, which is very convenient.